Twitter Marketing Software – The Best Available Today

Twitter is still to this day the rising star of social media and continues to gain followers and new members on a daily basis, making millions in total per year. Many approach Twitter as it is an intriguing concept; 140 characters to say everything you need to say. Once signed up, they end up staying and following other with similar interests or that offer things that they need or need to know.

There are also a fair few sellers and affiliate sellers on Twitter that make a very good living, but they don’t do this manually. To discover and market to hundreds upon thousands of Twitter users on a daily basis would take quite literally forever, so what do they do? They use Twitter marketing software.

Twitter marketing software allows you as the marketer to successfully find people who are interested in what you have to say or what you have to sell as the case may be and there are a fair few options out there. If you’re interested in what software is available for Mac, take a look at my other article ‘What is the Best Twitter Marketing Software for Mac?’. But as a general overview, hopefully this article will help put you on the right track.

There are a few that have been around for quite a while and have got a good reputation to go with it. The likes of Tweet Adder and Tweet Whistle, while having similar systems, have different features and features that make an impact. For example, with these pieces of software you are able to find members by their interests, what they tweet about or by their location. You can search for information that the user has posted in their bio, whether this is about their profession, their interests or their life in general. You can search by their input of location and also by something they’ve been tweeting about. Twitter marketing software such as Tweet Adder and Tweet Whistle will then generate a list for you which can be used to add those members to your follow list in the hope that they will follow you back and read your tweets. You can set how many members to follow per day from your list, and we wouldn’t recommend any more than 200 maximum.

Whilst those two pieces of Twitter marketing software are both very adequate and work very well for the purpose, if you have more interest in being able to follow your timeline as well as find out what people are saying about your products or affiliate deals or even your competitor’s, then Market Me Suite might be a good place for you to start. MarketMeSuite gives you a nice interface which you can add numerous timelines to, including your own tweets, the tweets of those you follow and you can set up tweet list for certain terms or phrases so once they come in, you can see them and comment on the post. You can also set up automated responses to respond to tweets about certain subjects, which is another amazing feature.

We have used all of these piece of Twitter marketing software and we can recommend them all for different reasons; if you want adding power with extensive research capabilities, go with Tweet Adder or the considerably cheaper, but slightly unsure Tweet Whistle, whereas if your interest lies with customer communication, then take a look at MarketMeSuite. These are the three best piece of software for Twitter on the market today in our opinion.

Top Picks: Video Marketing Software Review

Besides having a huge impact on your audience, video marketing software can also help improve your website’s search engine rankings. One of the metrics search engines use to measure quality of a website is content. A website that has both text and other media such as unique videos, shows the site’s commitment to providing quality information and helps to improve rankings over time. Also, video software automates the distribution and posting of your videos on different video sites such as YouTube, which generates backlinks to your website. Quality backlinks are another factor search engines use to rank a site and video marketing software helps you achieve that.

There are several video marketing software packages available so I have selected a few of the most popular and widely used to review.

EasyVideoSuite is well designed and used by some of the biggest names in online marketing. It is designed to work with PayPal, MailChimp, ClickBank, AWeber, WordPress, Optimize Press, etc. Some of its most popular features are:

  • Basic video recording from the screen or via webcam.
  • Ability to add ‘Buy Now’ and other call to action buttons.
  • Creation of timed events around the video to captivate your audience.
  • SEO features.
  • Security.
  • Video conversion.
  • Advanced video marketing statistics.
  • Split testing and much more.

Video Curation Pro helps you create and spin videos using curated text and videos. Video Curation Pro optimizes and uploads video on websites like YouTube and helps get them ranked. The best thing about this system is it is fully automated. You don’t have to do any work! This software works by sourcing images from your hard drive, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., and uses them to create a video. You can edit the quality of the images and sound, and add or delete whatever you want.

The Traffic Player is a marketing software and WordPress plugin that works by creating customizable skins and support systems. It is extremely easy to use, great for beginners, and a great tool to instantly stylize your video. Its functionality includes:

  • 20+ premium video skins.
  • Widgetized support.
  • Amazon3 direct linking.
  • Mobile format URL support.
  • HTML5 support.
  • Viral social buttons.

Viewbix is all about taking video marketing and making it more effective to drive real leads. Many marketers mistakenly think an informative video as opposed to informative text is most effective. That is not always the case. Videos can be downright boring. Viewbix software incorporates lead generation tools and interactive apps to your video that make your audience interact with you and take action.

Tube Toolbox is specific to YouTube and one of the best YouTube marketing software available. It is particularly good at improving your channel’s popularity. Some of Tube Toolbox’s features are:

  • Automated friend requests.
  • Message and video.
  • Audience targeting.
  • Gathering features.

Best of all, Tube Toolbox always complies with YouTube’s terms of service so you can rest easy your videos will by accepted by YouTube.

The last video marketing software we will review is SociVidz. SociVidz is a new software released in 2014 that is one of the most affordable video syndication services and is much cheaper than the previously mentioned options. However, despite its low cost; it has many more features than the other software reviewed. As a result, SociVidz is considered an up-and-coming video syndication powerhouse by internet marketers.

Here is a list of some of the features SociVidz offers:

  • Add soundtracks, voice-overs, intro clips, transitions, zoom/pan effects +++
  • Edit, manipulate, split videos and perform various audio and video changes
  • Video keyword research
  • Video competition analyses research
  • Google & YouTube video ranking analyses
  • Upload videos to multiple video Uploading sites
  • Get social signals, embeds and shares from multiple Social Media sites
  • Create authority link wheels
  • Get YouTube video views, likes, comments and subscribers (crowd marketing)
  • Search and download creative common images and videos
  • Multi-threaded, light weight and fast
  • And Much More

Syndicating video is an extremely effective way of drastically improving your brand or business’s reach and improving how many people know about your existence. However, it is critical that you don’t use these syndication services to spam your company or products online. If used poorly, you can risk making your business look suspicious and unprofessional. You can also risk a search engine penalty if you use questionable SEO tactics when submitting your videos such as over-stuffing keywords and other metadata.

In summary, there are many video marketing software packages available and the above are merely a sampling of the most popular. As you can see, video marketing is a very valuable tool for internet marketers. They simplify the process, add important features that enhance your online marketing, automate much of the process and most importantly, they improve your ability to increase your search engine rankings, grow your brand, advertise your product and increase your success as an internet marketer.

Internet Marketing Software – Do I Really Need That?

So, you want to make money on the internet? You want to make it by tomorrow, and you don’t want to work more that an hour a week!

To be a success in Internet marketing, you need just FOUR things:

1. A Plan of Action.
2. The Tools – such as internet marketing software.
3. Time – You will run out of this first.
4. The ability to focus! – Take things one step-at-a-time.

The focus of this article is internet marketing software. As you probably know by now, every “Internet Guru” out there wants to sell you their “latest, super-secret, awe-inspiring, solution to all your problems and stop global warming and make you look younger for good measure” software.

The good news is internet marketing is really very straight forward and simple in concept – BUT – you need all the parts together at the same time or nothing works! You need SOLUTIONS to the four basic steps in all internet marketing.

You Need To:

1. Find a ready, willing, and financially able-to-buy group of customers with a “problem” they desperately need solved.
2. Find or create a product or service that solves their problem, at a price.
3. Control or create a website, portal, or blog that can distribute the product or service and accept payment.
4. Send qualified (see #1) prospects, i.e. Traffic, to your website, portal, or blog.

Repeat the above process over and over.

Most problems in Internet marketing have software solutions. The problem is deciding what is the best, most cost-effective software to buy. The answer is “do the research”, don’t just buy the first thing that comes across your email. Most Internet marketing softwares have a “free” or “cheaper” alternative if you just look for it. I really like the idea of cheaper and better. And it IS out there in Google land.

A large variety of Internet marketing software is available. Almost every part of the marketing process can be automated or greatly enhanced by software. You will want to do it as soon as possible to save–Time–the one thing you will always be short of.

Look at the list below to get yourself on track. Here are some sample internet marketing software products that are available in different forms on the internet:

1. Article site-builder software – an easy-to-use tool which will convert a whole set of articles into matching webpages. It instantly and automatically builds a great marketing site.
2. PDF branding software – turns any .pdf (Adobe format) eBook or report into a VIRAL SALES MACHINE! Use it to promote your products and services on autopilot by linking back to your site.
3. AdSense click lock software – Protect your AdSense account now! Without this software, anyone anywhere can wipe out your entire AdSense income in 60 seconds flat by just clicking on one of your AdSense ads multiple times–for kicks! Google will not be amused and will cancel your account!
4. Site building software – use it to build professional, profit pulling sales sites in just minutes. A good “what you see is what you get” site building and editing software is a must.
5. A web multimedia toolkit – a special selection of website video, audio and photo tools. Audio and video is the coming thing and not at all hard to implement if you have the right tools.
6. Web traffic software – a package of traffic building products will help you generate an avalanche of targeted traffic to your websites at minimal cost. Remember, it does not matter if you have the best site on the internet if no one ever sees it. “Build it and they will come” does not apply.
7. Customer list-building software – a quick and easy system of programs that will automatically build you a customer email list by capturing your customer details directly from PayPal as soon as they order. A list of customers to market to is money in the bank.
8. Tracker software – track every advertisement you place for your own products or your affiliate links. Put your ad dollars where they do the most good. 10. Website monitoring package – easy-to-use software will automatically monitor all your websites and will notify you immediately of any problems. Remember, people will not come back if your site is down the one time they click on it.

The above are just a few of the software solutions that can make your dream of “making a living ” on the internet come true.

Yes, you can be a success in internet marketing. Just use the net to search out the help you will need to make it happen.

Today, you have a choice–use internet marketing software to automate and promote your online business…or work yourself to death trying to to “do it all” yourself. Choose wisely. I know you too can be in that 5% who do make it big!

Good Luck and Good Internet Marketing.