Twitter Marketing Software – The Best Available Today

Twitter is still to this day the rising star of social media and continues to gain followers and new members on a daily basis, making millions in total per year. Many approach Twitter as it is an intriguing concept; 140 characters to say everything you need to say. Once signed up, they end up staying and following other with similar interests or that offer things that they need or need to know.

There are also a fair few sellers and affiliate sellers on Twitter that make a very good living, but they don’t do this manually. To discover and market to hundreds upon thousands of Twitter users on a daily basis would take quite literally forever, so what do they do? They use Twitter marketing software.

Twitter marketing software allows you as the marketer to successfully find people who are interested in what you have to say or what you have to sell as the case may be and there are a fair few options out there. If you’re interested in what software is available for Mac, take a look at my other article ‘What is the Best Twitter Marketing Software for Mac?’. But as a general overview, hopefully this article will help put you on the right track.

There are a few that have been around for quite a while and have got a good reputation to go with it. The likes of Tweet Adder and Tweet Whistle, while having similar systems, have different features and features that make an impact. For example, with these pieces of software you are able to find members by their interests, what they tweet about or by their location. You can search for information that the user has posted in their bio, whether this is about their profession, their interests or their life in general. You can search by their input of location and also by something they’ve been tweeting about. Twitter marketing software such as Tweet Adder and Tweet Whistle will then generate a list for you which can be used to add those members to your follow list in the hope that they will follow you back and read your tweets. You can set how many members to follow per day from your list, and we wouldn’t recommend any more than 200 maximum.

Whilst those two pieces of Twitter marketing software are both very adequate and work very well for the purpose, if you have more interest in being able to follow your timeline as well as find out what people are saying about your products or affiliate deals or even your competitor’s, then Market Me Suite might be a good place for you to start. MarketMeSuite gives you a nice interface which you can add numerous timelines to, including your own tweets, the tweets of those you follow and you can set up tweet list for certain terms or phrases so once they come in, you can see them and comment on the post. You can also set up automated responses to respond to tweets about certain subjects, which is another amazing feature.

We have used all of these piece of Twitter marketing software and we can recommend them all for different reasons; if you want adding power with extensive research capabilities, go with Tweet Adder or the considerably cheaper, but slightly unsure Tweet Whistle, whereas if your interest lies with customer communication, then take a look at MarketMeSuite. These are the three best piece of software for Twitter on the market today in our opinion.